We’ve recently added a full-time irrigation specialist to our staff with over 10 years of experience in the irrigation industry. Have you ever been curious about installing an irrigation system? Perhaps you’re not satisfied with the current company that performs your system maintenance. Let us help take care of your irrigation needs!

Why install an irrigation system?

-Save Time: No more wasting time manually watering with a hose. Irrigation systems are designed to automatically run at the ideal time and apply the exact amount of water that your lawn needs.

-Save Money: Efficiently provide the necessary water that your lawn needs (no more under or over-watering). Certain systems can instantly certify your home as ‘green’ and qualify you for a $500 tax credit.

Add Value: An irrigation system will add substantial valve to your home as well as improve your curb appeal.

Why choose us for irrigation maintenance?

Customer Service:  We’re your local and family-operated landscape contractor. With us you’re never a small fish in a big pond. Don’t worry about having your system winterized too late in the fall or started-up too late in the spring.

Certifications: We are Hunter certified as well as State certified to test backflow devices. Our specialist has over 10 years’ experience in installing and maintaining irrigation systems.

Response time: Being located in Oak Ridge allows us to respond quickly in the event of an irrigation emergency. Most repairs can usually be completed the same day.

Call us today for a free quote! (865) 272-9669


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