Get with the Program in 2018!


Everyone admires a beautiful lawn but how do you get one? If you already have a great lawn how do ensure that it stays that way? The answer is with a solid turf treatment program. A good program should include a mix of fertilizer, pre-emergent, and post-emergent herbicide treatments. One other thing, and this is big, your program should include a soil test.

Why test your soil? Soil testing is the best method available to evaluate the nutritional status of the soil. Why is that important? Nutrient stresses and imbalances can reduce plant vigor which increases susceptibility to damage from drought, disease, insects, and other conditions. Furthermore, a soil test creates an ideal starting point by allowing you to tailor your program and provide exactly those nutrients which your soil requires.

Spring is fast approaching which means if you haven’t already applied those pre-emergent herbicides it’s time to do so. Have you had your soil tested recently? Do you have a program in place to keep your lawn looking beautiful in 2018? Are you currently enrolled in our turf treatment program? Here is a sample of our turf treatment program: TTP – 2018 – Sample

Did we mention that we include a free soil test when signing up for the program? That’s right, no extra cost to have your soil tested. Once you sign up we take a sample from your lawn and send it off to a laboratory for proper analysis. You receive a copy of the results within 7 days. We then use this information to tailor treatments that provide precisely what your soil needs. Here is a sample soil analysis report:

DLS Soil Test SampleSpring will be here before you know it. Are you prepared to fight off those pesky weeds? Are you prepared to give your grass the nutrients it needs to thrive? Contact us today to request a quote or get more information about our turf treatment program! (-AH)

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