EPA: Lawn fertilization is good for water quality


For awhile it has been assumed the use of nitrogen-rich fertilizers has had a negative impact on water quality. An expert panel put together by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency is now challenging this assumption. After extensive research the panel concluded: “dense vegetative cover of turf grass” on a lawn reduces pollution and runoff. The research shows that a responsible program of lawn fertilization can actually improve water quality. Learn more details in Gregg Robertson’s blog post: http://landscapemanagement.net/2013/05/29/epa-lawn-fertilization-is-good-for-water-quality/

There are, in fact, many benefits of having a healthy, weed-free lawn. Did you know that a healthy lawn can provide the cooling capacity of a commercial-size air conditioner? Weed-free lawns also help to reduce allergens and prevent glare. Oh yeah…did we mention they can also increase the value of your property? They look pretty good too!

We are a local, family-owned business with over 17 years experience in fertilization and herbicide treatments. Why give your business to a national chain who services hundreds of accounts? Our personalized program aims to fertilize desired turf and eliminate unsightly weeds–giving you a beautiful lawn. Contact us today for your no-cost consultation: (865) 272-9669 or email: diversifiedlandscapeservices@gmail.com


Relay for Life!


We would like to congratulate a member of our staff (Aaron Holbrook) on meeting his personal fund-raising goal! It’s not too late to support Aaron’s team—-Young Professionals of Oak Ridge…hates cancer!—-before they participate in tomorrow’s Relay for Life event. All contributions will benefit the American Cancer Society. We would like to send a BIG ‘Thank You!’ to Aaron and all those who have support his team!

It’s not too late to contribute! http://main.acsevents.org/site/TR?fr_id=51473&pg=team&team_id=1409575

Slow to Grow

Over the past several years we have been increasing our use of plant growth regulators. These regulators help slow the growth of hedges, shrubs, and groundcovers in landscaped areas. Plants that are treated will require less trimming which means less emissions from power trimming equipment. This also equates to a reduction in fuel consumption and green waste accumulation. Look at what growth regulators are capable of:

Image(photo credit: SePRO Corporation)

Interested in our services? Give us a call today at (865) 272-9669 and see what a growth regulator application can do for you!

You Have to See It to Believe It!

Imagine buying a car but not being able to see it until after you’ve agreed to purchase it. The dealer could tell you everything about the car but wouldn’t it be difficult to commit to purchase it unless you could see, touch, or feel it? Of course it would. We understand that when it comes to landscape design and re-design clients want to see the vision. Using computer imaging software our design team is able to show clients what our vision for their property will look like before they are asked to make a decision. This allows us to more clearly communicate our vision and the client feels more secure about what they are paying for. The photo below is of a client who inquired about having her landscape re-designed:


After speaking with her and learning more about her wants and needs our design team was able to present her with this proposal:


Wether big or small, commercial or residential, our design team is ready to show you what we can offer you! Have you been thinking about a landscape re-design for your home or business? Call us today at (865) 272-9669 and speak with an account representative!

The Kerry Trammell Memorial 5K Run and Walk


Since 1997 we have been proud to be the grounds maintenance contractor at NHC (National HealthCare Corporation) of Oak Ridge. During those years we had the pleasure of working with Kerry Trammell. Kerry served as an administrator at NHC for over 30 years. He unexpectedly passed away in January. We ask you to please join in honoring Kerry’s memory while also supporting the Anderson County Rescue Squad in The Kerry Trammell Memorial 5K Run and Walk (see attached flyer for more information.) You can find more information regarding the Anderson County Rescue Squad by visiting their Facebook page at: http://www.facebook.com/groups/TNACERS

Tulips are UP!

Since our last post we’ve noticed the tulips we planted in the fall are now in bloom! Take a look at this beautiful photo:


Naturally, tulips bloom a few weeks later than daffodils, but most people can agree it’s worth the wait! The variety of tulips shown above is known as Best White. We offer our clients many different colors and varieties including blends of select colors. So are you interested in adding some color to your property? Bulbs for spring of 2014 will be planted this fall. Are you worried you might forget to contact us when it comes planting time? Don’t be! Contact us today and we’ll gladly add your name to our list. One of our representatives will contact you this fall to discuss pricing and color options. You can contact us at (865) 272-9669. We would love to add some color to your property!


The Colors of Spring!


After a what seemed like an extra-long (and extra-cold) winter Spring is finally here! Yesterday, I drove around to visit some of the properties that we manage. I was excited to see the many varieties of daffodils we planted in the fall have already begun to boom! The tulips are catching up and should be in bloom very soon. I heard from several of our customers that they have already received many compliments on their spring flowers. The purchase and installation of spring flowering bulbs (tulips and daffodils) is a service that we provide in late fall. We have many colors and varieties to choose from to compliment your home or business. The true reward comes during this time of year when those beautiful colors really make your home or business stand out from the rest. We invite you to visit NHC Healthcare in Oak Ridge, Historic Jackson Square Apartments of Oak Ridge, Greenfield of Oak Ridge, or any of the other properties that we manage and let us know what you think! This fall we would love to add some color to your property come Spring of 2014!


Staying Safe in Winter Weather



Winter weather is here. This afternoon snow began to move across much of East Tennessee making driving conditions difficult and leaving many without power. Tonight temperatures are expected to drop into the low 30s which will increase the chance of ice on roads and sidewalks. Snow and ice removal is one of the many services that we offer our customers. We’d like to remind you of some important safety tips. Remember it’s always best to avoid these conditions if at all possible.

  • When driving: slow down for wet, snowy, or icy conditions. Remember you won’t be able to stop quickly so leave a good amount of space between your vehicle and any objects around you.
  • Use caution when approaching bridges, intersections, and shaded areas.
  • Before you leave, make sure to remove as much snow as possible from your windshield, turn signals, rear window, headlights, tail lights, etc.
  • Drivers in Tennessee can learn more about driving conditions by calling 511 or visiting http://www.tn511.com

During winter weather conditions we often put down ice melting applications on many of our managed properties. While these applications do a great job of melting ice and snow they do have one possible drawback that not many people are aware of. Calcium chloride and magnesium chloride (chemicals commonly used in ice melt applications) can leave behind an oily residue that can become slippery on smooth floors. These ice melts tend to stick to ones feet and are commonly tracked inside buildings. It is important to wipe your feet thoroughly to reduce this risk, especially if you are walking on a tile, marble, or hardwood floor.

We hope these tips will help keep you safe during these conditions. Don’t forget to stay informed about any changes to weather and/or driving conditions before heading out. Stay safe!

Introducing 100% Paperless Billing!

Given that we are a company that operates in the green industry we are always looking for ways to reduce waste and help protect the environment. Towards the end of last year we shared an exciting new payment option that is now available to all of our customers. Most of our customers are already aware of our ability to email invoices as opposed to traditional mailing (sorry USPS). We have now introduced an online payment option available to our customers, thus making the transaction process 100% paperless. How does it work? It’s simple:

  1. You receive your invoice via email.
  2. In your invoice you will see the following link: Pay now via PaymentNetwork
  3. After clicking on the link you will be prompted to set up an account with Intuit’s PaymentNetwork. You will need your bank’s routing number and account number (must have a valid U.S. bank account).
  4. Verify your invoice is correct and click Send Payment. Your account information will be stored securely on Intuit’s PaymentNetwork for all future payments.

*please note: this is not an automatic draft, therefore you will need to log-in each time  you receive your invoice to verify the invoiced amount is correct and confirm your payment.

Here’s the best part…this service is FREE! No buying stamps, no licking envelopes, no wasted paper, and most importantly–no additional costs to our customers!

We hope this new payment option will not only help eliminate wasting resources but will also provide a more convenient method of payment to our customers. We invite you to take advantage of this new service!


Hello and welcome to our blog! We here at Diversified Landscape Services, Inc. are excited to have  another platform to communicate with our customers and business associates. One of our areas of focus this year is expanding our presence through social media. This doesn’t mean bombarding you with an abundance of ads and promotional materials. Instead, we hope you will find our posts insightful and thought provoking. Of course we want to make you aware of the many services we provide, but we also want to show you the beauty and benefit that great outdoor spaces can provide. We plan to share our favorite articles from other green blogs, along with photos and videos of our own projects. We invite you to communicate and grow with us in 2013.

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